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upstream: This is 'THE" hazelcast repo at

Where Is Hazelcast Code?

All Hazelcast main repository repositories (repo) is are located at

Hazelcast has two main projects:

  • Hazelcast IMDG  - 
  • Hazelcast Jet  - 

There are also numerous modules. 

The development process is the same: you work off a fork and make Pull Requests.

We will describe the development process from the perspective of the main Hazelcast IMDG project - 


Three branches are used. 

  • master branch is the main development/feature branch.maintenance-2.x will be the bugfix/patch branch for 2.x releases
  • maintenance-3.x will be the bugfix/patch branch for latest 3.x release

To improve the release process and before an actual release, During development Hazelcast produces Snapshot releases periodically on which ongoing efforts are performed. These snapshot releases are similar to full ones, except that they might not include all the bits included in a full release (such as updated documentation). Snapshot releases are named as <release number>-SNAPSHOT.

Setting up your Github Account

To work with the Hazelcast sources, you need to have a Github account. Go to, pick a username and password and type your e-mail address. Press Signup for Github. Select Free for plan and then press Finish Signup button and you are done.



Forking Hazelcast

Go to and press the  button on the right top of the screen. You will get a popup asking where to fork the repo. Select here the one with your Github account name, in my case @pveentjer.