HEP 1 - Hazelcast Incubator and Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal ("HEP")

General Proposal Information

HEP: 1
Title: Hazelcast Incubator and Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal ("HEP") 
HEP Shortname: hazelcast-incubator
Author: Christoph Engelbert, Enes Akar, Greg Luck, Jaromir Hamala, David Brimley 
Sponsor: Hazelcast 
Signed-Of: Christoph Engelbert 
Lead: Christoph Engelbert 
Created: 2015/02/27 
Status: Ongoing 
Type: Process 
Component: Community Process 
Discussion: https://gitter.im/hazelcast-incubator/hazelcast-incubator

Process Information

Start: 2015/Q1
Effort: M
Duration: M
Release: Hazelcast 3.5


This proposal defines the coverage and the limits for the new Hazelcast Incubator. It is meant to help community members to work together and give them guidance on how to successfully help enhancing Hazelcast upon their ideas and visions.


- Define a Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal document
- Define a review / acceptance process
- Define a set of rules when and why a HEP is necessary
- Define a clear Hazelcast Incubator procedure


- No changes for processes on small enhancements, bugfixes, documentation changes


A growing open source project needs to have a clear guidance on how to work with external contributions. Transparent work, comprehensive rules and a simple process prevent people from becoming upset about spent time when a pull request cannot be merged into the code base. Clear, friendly and respectful communication between employees of Hazelcast and the important open source community will be encouraged and boosted.

Success Metrics

The HEP process has to design a clear, understandable process on how to work with external contributions. It has to define a proposal document that describes the different proposals and shows dependencies between those.


The Hazelcast Incubatar will help to clarify communication between the opensource community and the Hazelcast company. It will engage the community to work together on new enhancements, features, ideas and bring interested people together.

Everybody is free to join the Hazelcast Incubator and the lead(s) of a proposal are free to offer / accept new members to their proposal. People working on a Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal are required to sign the Hazelcast Contributors Agreement to prevent wasted time for work that, legally, cannot be merged into the Hazelcast core project.

The Hazelcast Incubator Process is divided into multiple steps:

1. Creation of a Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal ("HEP")
2. Review and acceptance / denial of the HEP - denials have to be reasonable
3. Realization of the HEP
4. Review and acceptance / denial of the result
5. Merge into Hazelcast or reworking and back to step 3

A HEP can be marked as DEAD if it is abandoned and obviously no active development takes place for multiple months. A dead HEP might be reactivated at a later point but mostly will have to start from scratch.