Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal ("HEP") Template, Version 1

This document describes a Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal ("HEP"). HEPs are community driven features or enhancements of Hazelcast.

General Proposal Information

HEP: <number will be added after acceptance> 
Title: <title> 
HEP Shortname: <shortname of the HEP>
Author: <author's full names and github ids, list multiple authors> 
Sponsor: <orgs or individual names> 
Signed-Of: <a Hazelcast employee to support this proposal> 
Lead: <who leads the proposal, one of the authors> 
Created: YYYY/MM/DD 
Status: [Draft|Review|Accepted|Ongoing|Completed|Dead|Superseded] 
Type: [Feature|Research|Infrastructure|Process] 
Component: [Core|Integration|Client|Performance|Community Process] 
Discussion: https://gitter.im/hazelcast-incubator/<hep-shortname> 
Specification: <url of the specification> 
Project: <url of the implementation / documentation>

Process Information

Start: YYYY/QN 
Depends: <if it depends on another HIP> 
Effort: <XS|S|M|L|XL> 
Duration: <XS|S|M|L|XL> 
Release: <the expected Hazelcast release to be merged in>


Provide a short but concise description of the target goals for this proposal, about one paragraph or 50 words.


Provide a list of the goals for this proposal. What is going to be achieved?


Provide a list of the non-goals. What is not going to be part of this proposal?


Provide reasons why is this proposal necessary? What is your motivation that drives the creation? What is different / similar to the current state or other competition, if any?

Success Metrics

Provide metrics to measure the success of the proposal. When is the proposal successful? How to measure the success?


Provide a detailed description of the proposal. This description will give interested people a deeper understanding of the idea or how it is planned to
be implemented:

  • expected interface to be modified or to introduce
  • properties or command-line switches
  • affected JVMs
  • additional documentation
  • other relevant information


Provide hints on how the work of this enhancement will be validated? What are possibly existing additional requirements over the normal unit tests? 

Specify special hard and / or software requirements and how are those fulfilled?


Provide a list on what are the risks of this proposal? List any change that might break backwards compatibility - offer migration plans. Is there a chance
that this proposal might render itself unnecessary?


A detailed list of dependencies to other HEPs or also introduced external, non-optional, dependencies into the Hazelcast core.